Four Copies, One Left

I have been so floored and encouraged by book sales this week! I ordered four copies from Createspace to distribute myself. I’ve often had people ask if I have a copy on hand they can purchase, and I hate having to say “no but you can order it online!” So I finally got a few copies myself, not too many just in case, but it’s seems I’ll need to be ordering more! It’s been two days and there is only one unclaimed copy left! Wowza!

Thank you for all of the support everyone!

As for an update on NaNoWriMo, I’m going strong, totaling at 17.5k currently, with a couple more hours of writing to go today. I’m also on the tail-end of Act I and about to launch into a whole new arena for Tales of Ailenor *series title?* – Thedrigan! Finally venturing out of Eviryia and across the Deep Dell! I’m so excited to explore this new location, even though I know my characters are quite distraught at needing to be there. Oh, the secrets!

Have you read “The Keeper”?

Reviews are an incredibly valuable thing for an author; for me, even more valuable than the revenue. Why? Because YOUR reviews are what help me pinpoint strengths and weaknesses and improve my skill in the art of storytelling. I hope that, if you have read “The Keeper”, you will consider writing a quick review for it on either or so that I can learn from you, and others can evaluate if “The Keeper” is a book they would enjoy!