I Wish I Was Brave

I just wanted to quickly share here one of our new songs from The Faithful Trouadbour Publications. It’s called “Brave” from our newest musical ATLANTIS and is one of my favorite songs we have written so far.

While it’s certainly not this big encouraging song, there is this kind of encouragement in having something that represents you, where ever you are. An encouragement of knowing you’re not the only one who feels that way, to express how you feel when words are hard, to be transparent.

This song is very much a part of me, like much of the music we write, but I hope that it will encourage you to hear it as it has encouraged me to share it. You aren’t alone, you aren’t the only one who feels like they can’t ever measure up, and even though it’s hard to believe sometimes, you are enough.

Fairweather Author

I haven’t written in so long! I hope you won’t view me as a fair-weather author who only writes when the inspiration flows, but life has been quite busy. This month, rehearsal for Scarlet: The Outlaws of Nottingham, a musical written by me and my husband – which I am directing – began and it has been a whirlwind. Four-hour-long rehearsals twice a week, with nine-hour-long vocal recording session every Saturday. Add in all of the planning, preparing, and e-mails and I’ve got a part time job with the show alone.

I have been squeezing in whatever writing I can outside of Scarlet, commission work, and trying to keep the house in some sort of order, so it comes in bursts: a couple hundreds words here in the Book Book, a chapter or scene edit for the Varken, banging out some lyrics for our current musical project.

Directing is certainly stretching and growing me in a lot of ways.Read More »