Rediscover Reading

Do you go through reading droughts like me? Sometimes I just can’t find the motivation to read a single thing. When it’s just too tempting to watch tv or be on my phone, and reading feels like a mental strain? I only recently came out of such a rut, and I don’t want to slip out of the habit again because reading has been lifegiving to me in this past season! I’ve felt more relaxed, like I find it is easier to slow down and disconnect, and more inspired, easily finding new story ideas and an excitement to write each day.

Are you stuck in a reading drought or looking to refresh your love of reading? Here are some things that have helped me climb out of the rut and rediscover reading:

  1. The Library. Sometimes, the problem is that I don’t have any books on hand that I’m interested in reading, and I tend to have shopping anxiety so buying a book when I don’t know if I will like it or not is never easy for me. I also don’t want to waste time on a book I’m not enjoying, but I feel guilty if I don’t finish a book I spent money on. That’s why I love the library! I can check out three or four books at a time that catch my interest with no strings attached! If I don’t like a book, I don’t have to finish it; I can just return it to the library and start on the next one until something hooks me in.
  2. Book Club. Last year, my cousin and fellow author, Valerie Cotnoir, started a casual book club, which has been a big motivator for me to finish reading books. We don’t have to read the same book, but every month we gather to share about what we had finished reading and what we thought about it. It is really rewarding to be able to tell someone about a book rather than just write a review on Goodreads, and it’s also a great way to discover new books!
    • If you don’t know of any book clubs that interest you, start your own with friends you know who love reading!
  3. Readathon Day. This was my latest discover and it was a gamechanger, not only for my reading goals, but for my self-care! I dedicated two full days just to reading (although even just one day or one morning would be helpful, I think) and told my husband I was just reading for those two days. I got a book I was very excited about, cleared my schedule, gathered my favorite coffee and snacks, and snuggled down for a good read. I not only felt free to relax and just read (after all, it was in my planner), but it made me so excited to sink into the story that I’m writing.

You hear it all the time: writers are readers. And it sounds like a chore, like you have to read in order to grow in the very concrete skill of ‘good writing’. But I have found that reading grows so much more than a critical eye for good writing technique, it has grown my imagination, it has grown my ability to rest, and it has grown my love for storytelling.

My goal this year is to read 12 books – one a month, just in time for book club – and have had readathon day every 1-3 months. You can follow my reading journey on – and you can review my books if you have read them there as well!

Have you read “The Keeper”?

Reviews are an incredibly valuable thing for an author; for me, even more valuable than the revenue. Why? Because YOUR reviews are what help me pinpoint strengths and weaknesses and improve my skill in the art of storytelling. I hope that, if you have read “The Keeper”, you will consider writing a quick review for it on either or so that I can learn from you, and others can evaluate if “The Keeper” is a book they would enjoy!

210 Downloads! Thank you, thank you!!!


During the Free Book promotion, 210 copies of “The Keeper” were downloaded! Wowza! I’m astounded and blessed by the number and have been so thrilled to be receiving reviews, both personally via my Facebook page and on Amazon. As a debut novel, I have plenty of uncertainties about the book (“Should I have written this sentence differently? Is this description too vague or boring?”) but I am striving to learn from this experience to make my future novels even better. So far, I have been so thankful for the response and look forward to hopefully finishing “The Varken” soon to be able to share with you another story from the world of Eviryia.

If you downloaded “The Keeper” during the Free Book promotion, I hope you will consider leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads when you finish it! Your reviews not only help me learn how to be a better writer – what I’m doing right and what I can work on – but help others figure out if “The Keeper” is a book they would enjoy!