The Best Support System

My husband and I celebrated our Two Year Wedding Anniversary this past week and I thought I would take a moment to give Jeremy some of the accolades he deserves for being the husband of an aspiring writer.


Jeremy is my number one supporter.

He is continually making sacrifices for me and encouraging me to make sure I put time aside each day to write and edit.
He is the best accountability partner I could ask for, because he doesn’t simply ask if I have written today to appease me, but he truly cares about my projects and my deadlines.
Not only does he want me to do the best I can do, but he wants my stories to be the best they can be.
He will always take time out of his day to work through character arcs and outlines with me, or to read over a scene and give me pointers.
And he’s not afraid to tell me when something is flat or unnecessary or boring.
I’m thankful he doesn’t puff me up with flattering comments, but gives me genuine encouragement and honest compliments.
He doesn’t give me a hard time when I say that I’m doing to do work, and I sit down to edit or write.
Even though it currently only affects our budget by financing an additional coffee date each month, he takes it just as seriously as I do.
And not just because he loves me, but he believes in me.
Although I consider myself every bit the amateur in the world of story telling, he sees my potential and helps me to grow with every project.

I am so thankful for my number one fan, financier, supporter, encourager, critic, and partner.

Photograph by the amazing Kristin Shyla Photography

Scarlet: Another Side of Writing

On the flip side of writing fiction, my husband and I have also taken up writing musical together this past year! He has a worship songwriting degree, with a history in classical composition, and I, as you may know, write novels. So together, we seemed the perfect fit.

This morning, we had the first read-through for our first completed musical: Scarlet, The Outlaws of Nottingham. With 96 pages and 20 original songs, it took us a year to write, trying to figure out all the twists and turns of writing a musical that differ from writing regular music or a novel. Formatting was quite the ordeal.

But the read-through was quite the success with so much helpful feedback to make the musical better, as well as plenty of encouragement that it wasn’t a failure of show (people liked my jokes, yay!) We are excited to hopefully workshop the show in the coming months to work out more kinks in preparation so that it might be performed in the 2016 season.

Although I’ll still mainly focus on my novels here, I’ll also give you snippets and updates on this project as it progresses.

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