Tool Box: Spotify

The next item essential to my tool box? Spotify. While I thought about just putting “music”, I knew that wasn’t specific enough, mainly because it’s the Spotify playlists that are my biggest help. With Spotify, you have unlimited access to any artist that streams their music, which means you have a lot more options, and great opportunities to discover new music.

The playlists are huge for me. I know many people create novel soudtracks, which is an awesome resource (and I’ll talk about mine for the Book Book later on), but when I’m writing, I find that there are two specific playlists I gravitate towards:

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Surround Sound

Some people write in silence, some people have very specific playlist for every single scene.

Me?  I have “book playlists” that I create on Spotify.  These playlists are a combination of instrumental music and songs, which are put on the playlist for one or more of the following reason:

  • The song lyrics reflect some part of the story
  • The song sounds like the aesthetic of the story
  • The song is super inspiring and makes me excited to write the story

In the end, the playlist usually rounds out to have about 150 songs on it (I like to have a lot of variety when writing.)Read More »