Mapping Things Out

Although the map I originally made for The Keeper is alright for an amateur, I knew I could do better! I had done a little bit of hand-drawing for the idea of the map, but ultimately did the whole thing in photoshop. So after practicing a bit on random maps, I finally sat down to hand-draw a new one for The Varken (although I will most like update the one in The Keeper).


I used the tutorial I had posted recently, but then did a lot of research looking at other fantasy maps to get more ideas on shapes, particularly for the mountains and trees. I drew it out lightly with pencil, then darker, then I inked the whole thing and erased the pencil. I tried to have a little bit of imperfection to my hand, to let the map look more hand-drawn (because it is!)

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Still Beathing

Anyone get the flu this past Christmas season? Yeah, me too. It puts a real damper on things. It has been a busy season since NaNoWriMo ended. I made the goal but haven’t been able to persevere much farther to finishing in December, which is not quite a satisfying as finishing the whole novel like I did last year. Still, I am trying to find time to write in my schedule. Retail work, sewing commissions, Etsy orders, teaching and theater work all pile up quite a bit and I really have to fight my inner lazy-demon to write when I have down time.

However, amidst all of the business, I decided to change a huge aspect of my novels to push it more towards high fantasy.Read More »

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