Coming April 11th, 2015: The Keeper!

The Keeper will be available on THIS SATURDAY, April 11th for purchase!

Be sure to keep a watch on this blog and my Facebook page because once it is available, you can enter a give-away to win an autographed copy of the novel!
I am beyond ecstatic to finally be able to share this world, this story, and these characters with all of you!Read More »

What do Agents Want from Fantasy?

Great to know and certainly some great direction for future projects!

The Fantasist

It’s never been a better time to be a fantasy writer.


The genre is undergoing epic change.

Tolkienesque white straight male hero stories birthed the fantasy genre for our modern age, but now their sword arm weakens. They won’t disappear completely, nor should they, because there’s a place at the feasting table for everyone.

But they won’t ever be the same. They’re changing, and their transmogrification will continue, like a cursed hero who eventually realizes what he thought was a curse is actually a blessing, and so he ceases to seek its lifting and begins to take advantage of it instead.

More importantly, a more diverse kind of fantasy is growing, not as a matter of some deluded form of political correctness, but because people are starving for it. Writers are writing the stories contained within their hearts, and publishers seek to sell books to a hungry audience. And…

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The Adventure Awaits

NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month – is just around the corner, and I’m all ready to go.  In fact, I’m considering trying to just blast out my novel in the next twenty days, but the wait will make November all the sweeter.

My novel this year will be a sequel to last year’s novel, The Keeper, having a place-holding name of Varkens of Ailenor.  But that is certainly subject to change.  Then again, I always planned on finding a more clever title for The Keeper and ended up sticking with the first thing I ever thought of!

Thankfully, my husband and I agreed that one of the must-haves for our new apartment was whiteboards!  We have a giant one in the kitchen and one in the office, which makes my writing space even more glorious.Read More »