How to Draw a Map

A great tutorial and definitely the formula I will use for future maps, although I’ll probably finish my maps in photoshop for clean, professional lines and readable writing 😉

Writing Madness


Brari Hollow generously shared her tips on Facebook and now I’m sharing it with you all. All instructions and pictures are hers, and you can find her here.

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Building Worlds by Oren Litwin

Although it doesn’t seem to be an active blog anymore, I stumbled onto a great blog with lots of helpful stuff for world building, especially since it deals with areas that are typically largely understated in this process, such as Politics, Military, Economics, and Education. I’m learning a lot and I’m sure it will all help as I begin sketching out the world of the Book Book. I hope you will check it out!

Little Lovely Links

I have discovered two wonderful things in the past couple of days that I wanted to share!

First is a blog by Mandy Wallace for writers that is full of great articles, resources, advice and information!

Here are a few of my favorite articles from her:

Guide To Using Pinterest for Writers

How to Write More with Less Stress

How Writing To a Daily Word Count Can Sabotage Your Success

Another little gem I found this morning is a letter written by C.S. Lewis shortly before he finished “The Last Battle”. I found it really interesting and, although I think his advice is much more like ideas than rules, they prosed some great questions and food for thought when developing my own style and voice:Read More »