The Prompt Thickens

My good friend over at The Ship of Dreams came over for a coffee afternoon and we took the opportunity to work on writing prompts. Since she wasn’t able to attend our first W.A.F.F.L.E. meeting, she took the opportunity to write her own short story starter, which you can read here:


I continued my original story, still not knowing exactly where I’m going, and developing the story further.

You can read the first part here.

She sat as still as ever, clutching her knees to her chest.

“Deidre, if you would, please fetch a towel and…” Constance had a mind to call for the Governor, but she knew the circumstances were extremely suspicious. After all, the few cities that had survived and built upon the waters were few, but their lust for power didn’t lessen. Instead, it evolved. Instead of battling for land, they now fought over water rights and borders. It was possible this woman was a spy, but something in Constance’s heart said the woman could be trusted.

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Sneak Peak! First Draft “Varkens of Ailenor” Chapter 16

Finally got down to writing thanks for a lovely little writing club meeting! It has been tough to get going on Act 2 as it required introducing all of the new party members for Hart and Brie’s first big mission. I finally got it down on paper (or Word, in my case) and it gave me a chance to explore the Blessed abilities a little bit further in the story. Here’s a snippet from the first draft.

“Atticus is Blessed and has agreed to leave his training at the chantry to aid us. Atticus, would you like to inform the others about your gifting?” Hart offered.  Atticus gulped.

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