Four Copies, One Left

I have been so floored and encouraged by book sales this week! I ordered four copies from Createspace to distribute myself. I’ve often had people ask if I have a copy on hand they can purchase, and I hate having to say “no but you can order it online!” So I finally got a few copies myself, not too many just in case, but it’s seems I’ll need to be ordering more! It’s been two days and there is only one unclaimed copy left! Wowza!

Thank you for all of the support everyone!

As for an update on NaNoWriMo, I’m going strong, totaling at 17.5k currently, with a couple more hours of writing to go today. I’m also on the tail-end of Act I and about to launch into a whole new arena for Tales of Ailenor *series title?* – Thedrigan! Finally venturing out of Eviryia and across the Deep Dell! I’m so excited to explore this new location, even though I know my characters are quite distraught at needing to be there. Oh, the secrets!

210 Downloads! Thank you, thank you!!!


During the Free Book promotion, 210 copies of “The Keeper” were downloaded! Wowza! I’m astounded and blessed by the number and have been so thrilled to be receiving reviews, both personally via my Facebook page and on Amazon. As a debut novel, I have plenty of uncertainties about the book (“Should I have written this sentence differently? Is this description too vague or boring?”) but I am striving to learn from this experience to make my future novels even better. So far, I have been so thankful for the response and look forward to hopefully finishing “The Varken” soon to be able to share with you another story from the world of Eviryia.

If you downloaded “The Keeper” during the Free Book promotion, I hope you will consider leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads when you finish it! Your reviews not only help me learn how to be a better writer – what I’m doing right and what I can work on – but help others figure out if “The Keeper” is a book they would enjoy!

Thank You!

The support I’ve received so far for “The Keeper” has been astounding! Since publishing on April 11th, 26 copies of “The Keeper” have sold, which is so much more than I ever anticipated.


One of the most touching honors has been this graduation cake, which featured the graduate’s top 15 books…and she picked “The Keeper” as one of them! It is a true honor as I am under no delusion that I could be included in any top 15 list that also featured J. R. R. Tolkien. I most definitely shed some tears of appreciation when this image was sent to me.

I have been so surprised and humbled by  the response from everyone and the great reviews posted on Amazon! I am excited to continue sharing more stories and worlds with all of you!