Coming January 2016: Monthly Newsletter!

In January 2016, I will be sending out the first Monthly Newsletter!

Different from this blog, the Monthly Newsletter will feature items specifically for you!
To give you an idea of what to expect, in the January newsletter you will receive a $2 Off Coupon a paperback copy of The Keeper and an Exclusive First-Look at The Varken.

Future newsletters will feature:

  • Early reveal of The Varken cover art
  • More sneak-peaks and updates from The Varken
  • Advanced information from The Book Book
  • Exclusive content from The Blessed
  • Questions from the Reader
  • Exclusive give-aways
  • More coupons and freebies


NaNo 2015: The Outline

Some of you may know that I am a Super-Outliner. I don’t ‘pants’ anything when it comes to writing. I fill up every inch of our white board several times.

Each time I outline, I do it a little different, being guided by revelations I’ve had about plotting. I love a story that builds well and develops characters in an interesting way, something I worked on a lot in THE VARKEN. For THE BLESSED, my outlining developed even further, but I started the process the same way I always do.

Three Act Structure. I love it.

With THE BLESSED I had a vague idea of where things started and where things ended. The beginning of Act I and the end of Act III. Because of how the conflict is sparked, I knew where Act I would end, but that left Act II and III largely ambiguous.

So I put on my thinking cap. “How am I going to get to that big finish? What makes sense?”Read More »

Mapping Things Out

Although the map I originally made for The Keeper is alright for an amateur, I knew I could do better! I had done a little bit of hand-drawing for the idea of the map, but ultimately did the whole thing in photoshop. So after practicing a bit on random maps, I finally sat down to hand-draw a new one for The Varken (although I will most like update the one in The Keeper).


I used the tutorial I had posted recently, but then did a lot of research looking at other fantasy maps to get more ideas on shapes, particularly for the mountains and trees. I drew it out lightly with pencil, then darker, then I inked the whole thing and erased the pencil. I tried to have a little bit of imperfection to my hand, to let the map look more hand-drawn (because it is!)

EPSON MFP imageRead More »