Think to Ink: Elinor

This  morning, I sat down to do a writing exercise from Writer to Writer: From Think to Ink by Gail Carson Levine, and my husband wanted to write with me! Here is the prompt we both used and the stories that came after. Please note, that these were written in 30 minutes without any editting, but it is exciting to see how one prompt can go in two totally different directions! Elinor arrives for the second week of her training as a scout for King Aldric in his war against the cruel dwarves of Akero. When she gets there, she is told that she’s been dropped from the cadre. First, my story…Read More »

Back to the Drawing Board

This week I find lots of writing stuffs happening! Some of it is awesome and some of it is mind-numbing.

I tend to like to talk about awesome things first.

The Keeper is almost published! I’m self-publishing through CreateSpace, as I feel I have a lot to learn still about writing, character development, plotting and so-on before I pursue an agent and publishing house. While I am still in the process of writing The Varkens (more on that later) and have plans for a third book, I am really seeing things I want to improve upon. By the time I get to the next thing, the “Not in Eviryia” thing, I think I will have learned and grown so much. That is when I will write The Book. Hopefully by the 2015 NaNoWriMo!

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Writing Exercise: Stitched and Stuffed and Stood

I’m awaiting to receive a couple new books, but I got a sneak peak into the first one and had to do one of the writing exercises! The book is “Writer to Writer: From Think to Ink” by one of my favorite authors, Gail Carson Levine. Here is the first exercise in the book:

Pick an object from around your house. Separate it in your mind from it’s real history and invent a history for it. Think of the drama, the tragedy, the comedy that went into it’s creation, its passage from owner to owner and its effect on their lives.

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