Another Draft Completed!

So many drafts!

One thing I’ve really noticed about myself as a writer is that eventually, I get to this point where I stop being able to tell what is good or not. Grammar and spelling are easy to check, but there comes a point when I’m too familiar with the work to be objective about it. I’m almost to that point.

I have finished going with all of the edits from my editor, Millie, and it has been a long time coming! I had a lot of distractions this summer, but it is good to finally be able to finish up ‘The Varken’! Millie gave me some great, big picture notes that I will be looking at fixing, and there is certainly plenty of room for improvement. I am going to be doing one final big read-through of editting and then it’ll be off to beta readers for some perspective! I’m really looking forward to getting their notes and thoughts.

Meanwhile, when it is out of my hands, I will be working on formatting, getting the cover art in order, writing the back cover, and all of those fine little details. Somehow, finding the right font sounds both relaxing and intimidating at the same time! But it will be a welcomed challenge.

Besides ‘The Varken’, I will also be spending a lot of my time on two other big projects:Read More »


I’m 37,373 words into my current novel exactly.

And despite having so may projects going on right now – my retail job, 3 sewing commissions, a house to maintain and, oh yeah, my novel – everything is working out. Of course, sometimes that means that I bring my laptop to work and write during my lunch break or don’t get to write at all because my serger decides it wants me to spend almost an hour re-threading it…Read More »

Breaking It Up

Even though I’m on a roll with writing today, it’s still a good idea to take a break once in a while.  A little time to stretch my legs, rest my mind grapes and get some fresh air. Not to mention that the dishes needed to be done.  Even though I try not to be legalistic about my breaks (i.e. I MUST take a break for 5 minutes every hour), I also try not to let myself sit at the computer for eight hours straight when I have the chance.

It especially helps during a writer’s block, or when a plot hole pops up, or when I need to brainstorm something before writing a scene.  For instance, I was earlier writing about the search for the Keeper and thought I should probably figure out how the Keeper has been found previously in order to figure out how the council would be looking for her. So I *gasp* stopped writing!  I had started just making stuff up, whatever sounded good or ‘made sense’ and instead of continuing on that path, I stood up and utilized my amazing dry erase board.Read More »