Sneak Peak! First Draft “Varkens of Ailenor” Chapter 16

Finally got down to writing thanks for a lovely little writing club meeting! It has been tough to get going on Act 2 as it required introducing all of the new party members for Hart and Brie’s first big mission. I finally got it down on paper (or Word, in my case) and it gave me a chance to explore the Blessed abilities a little bit further in the story. Here’s a snippet from the first draft.

“Atticus is Blessed and has agreed to leave his training at the chantry to aid us. Atticus, would you like to inform the others about your gifting?” Hart offered.  Atticus gulped.

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Sneak Peak! First Draft “Varkens of Ailenor” Chapter 10

Here is another little unedited snippet from my current writing-in-progress! A short scene from Chapter 10 of “Varkens of Ailenor:

“How is she doing?” Grimwald asked. He stood in the rotunda with only the True King and the Varken of Ailenor.

“Well enough, but she still has a lot to learn,” Heath-Varken answered. “Mentally, physically, emotionally. She has a lot to untangle before she’ll be ready.”

“But you think she is the right choice? That she will be ready when the time comes?” Galen asked earnestly.

“That’s completely up to her,” the Varken said. “We’ll see how strong her resolve is.”


I’m 37,373 words into my current novel exactly.

And despite having so may projects going on right now – my retail job, 3 sewing commissions, a house to maintain and, oh yeah, my novel – everything is working out. Of course, sometimes that means that I bring my laptop to work and write during my lunch break or don’t get to write at all because my serger decides it wants me to spend almost an hour re-threading it…Read More »