Tool Box: Word Crawls

Word Crawls are one of my favorite tools! They are a great way to get a lot of words written without getting burnt out by just writing and writing until you stop. There is a great sense of accomplishment with every step as you follow the story, and attempt an array of challenges.

If you’ve never done a Word Crawl, you should certainly try it and see how it fits with your writing style!

I have compiled my favorite Word Crawls (collected from the NaNoWriMo Forums) into a PDF so I could print them out for easy access, and you are more than welcome to download my  Updated Ultimate Word Crawl List by clicking here!

My list includes the following crawls:

  • The Extreme Clean Home Crawl (This one is my top favorite, because it keeps the house clean)
  • Harry Potter Years 1-7
  • Star Wars
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Gilmore Girls
  • The NaNoWriMo Crawl
  • Dr. Horrible Sing-A-Long Blog
  • Halo: Forward Unto Dawn (I wrote this one! It has a lot of challenges, so be prepared to write hard!)


Hello all! Just another quick little post to give you some goodies!

I’ve recently started using a paper planner, and I’m loving it. Not only is it nice to have a larger visual for all the scheduling, but I have all sorts of great little writing things inside as well. Word crawls, little helpful things, pages for ideas and notes. It’s a nice little thing to keep on the side for more general things.

Anyways, I compiled two lists that I thought you all might enjoy.

First, is a bunch of writing tools. Lists of prompts, inspiration, character things. Just little stuff to get my brain turning when I need a pick-me-up without going down the hole of Pinterest.

Second, is a compiled list of word crawls that I have either done and loved, or ones that look fun. It’s nice to have them on hand, so I don’t have to change tabs all the time, especially the Cleaning one (which I’ve update to fit my home and time a little better).

Aw, the Extreme Clean Home Crawl is very dear to my heart. I did it last week and got the ENTIRE downstairs cleaned and wrote 4,000 words!

Anyways, you can down the items below!

Word Crawls | Writing Tools