A Hot Minute

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve updated on my writing…probably because it’s been a hot minute since I’d really had time to write for myself!

Over the past few months, I have been busy with my new full-time job at Solace Theatre, fundraising and producing our second musical. I’m still learning how to find balance in my life, and how to stew up the motivation to write.

I have queried a lot of agents for Polarity, and that has been a big hang up for me with writing. I have had a difficult moving on from Polarity, and I’m ready for it to be out there, out of my hands. That story was written for such a specific chapter in my own life, and I’m ready to close that chapter.

Ready to let go.

So, in order to free myself to use my non-working-time to write and tell stories, rather than feeling the burden to keep querying. I am very proud of Polaris, but I know the next thing I write will be that much better, so I’m ready to move forward.

I won’t be taking a very long time – or spending a lot of money – to get it out, ideally before our next big production in June. I’m currently on my eighth and final pass at the manuscript, and I’m ready to finally share it with you all.

I’ll check back in when I have an update!

xoxo Erin

Pinterest Is A Great Distraction

Writing has been a real struggle. I sit in front of my computer, the document open in front of me and I just keep thinking, “this isn’t going to happen”. I’m blank on motivation for the next part of the story and keep distracting myself from having to write it. Pinterest and my new books make me feel very productive without actually getting anything written. I pin great ideas for The Book or write a fun little 500 word story and I get very excited about new stories and new characters, but I made myself promise to finish the current novel (and the following one) to practice and improve my writing. Some days are easier than others, but this week I spent most of my time constructing this beauty…Read More »