Tool Box: Spotify

The next item essential to my tool box? Spotify. While I thought about just putting “music”, I knew that wasn’t specific enough, mainly because it’s the Spotify playlists that are my biggest help. With Spotify, you have unlimited access to any artist that streams their music, which means you have a lot more options, and great opportunities to discover new music.

The playlists are huge for me. I know many people create novel soudtracks, which is an awesome resource (and I’ll talk about mine for the Book Book later on), but when I’m writing, I find that there are two specific playlists I gravitate towards:

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Tool Box: Android Apps

There are two apps that I have found to be very useful, if not essentiel to my writing process, and both of them are free! (But unfortunately only available for Android phones. If you know of similar apps for ios, please share them in the comments!)

The first is one I have mentioned before on my blog, and the fact that I’m bringing it up will hopefully show how much I love it. The Writeometer. This app allows you to not only track your word count, but it keeps record of it by sessions, organized by day, so you can always look back and see all of the details of each writing session.

It will also help you set a daily word count goal, depending on how many words you want the finished project to be, combined with when you want to be finished by. You can also set alarms to remind you to write!

Not only that, but it comes with a timer, which locks down your phone until the session is complete, at which time you can enter how many words you wrote to update your word count. One of my favorite things about this time, is if you try to exit it (which you can in an emergency), it will give you a little inspirational (or guilt-trip) quote to encourage you to not give up!

The final amazing part of Writeometer is the reward system! For every session that you complete, you earn guava fruit, which you can spend on rewards, which you also set. Some of my rewards (or “Treats” as they are called) include:Read More »

Tool Box: Word Crawls

Word Crawls are one of my favorite tools! They are a great way to get a lot of words written without getting burnt out by just writing and writing until you stop. There is a great sense of accomplishment with every step as you follow the story, and attempt an array of challenges.

If you’ve never done a Word Crawl, you should certainly try it and see how it fits with your writing style!

I have compiled my favorite Word Crawls (collected from the NaNoWriMo Forums) into a PDF so I could print them out for easy access, and you are more than welcome to download my  Updated Ultimate Word Crawl List by clicking here!

My list includes the following crawls:

  • The Extreme Clean Home Crawl (This one is my top favorite, because it keeps the house clean)
  • Harry Potter Years 1-7
  • Star Wars
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Gilmore Girls
  • The NaNoWriMo Crawl
  • Dr. Horrible Sing-A-Long Blog
  • Halo: Forward Unto Dawn (I wrote this one! It has a lot of challenges, so be prepared to write hard!)